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Dealership Program

Now it's easier than ever to become a dealer and distribute our unique alpine air living products for real profit! Forget the complicated MLM (multi-level marketing) structure where your wholesale cost is so high and profit margin so low, and where you do all the work but your upline is the one that gets all the money.

We have designed and launched our powerful, yet very simple and straightforward dealership program with YOU in mind, letting YOU be the true boss and make the money you want! Our unique program lets you purchase products at a very low wholesale cost and still re-sell at very competitive prices! This becomes a win-win situation, where your customer is able to purchase from you at a low price and you do not sacrifice profit in the process. Unlike other dealership programs where your chances of success are slim to none, our program leaves enough room for you to make good money immediately and quickly expand your business for even bigger profits! You can sell products at our suggested retail prices, higher, or even lower. It is up to you! Either way you will make money.

What are the benefits of our dealership program?

Who are we looking for as a dealer?

As long as you have a sincere desire and a genuine drive to succeed, we're looking for you! So who is our typical dealer that found success with our dealership program? Even though we have dealers from all walks of life, and even some of the unemployed down on their luck people were able to become successful dealers with our company, we do have a profile of an average successful dealer...

Our typical dealer is already a small business owner, or a professional. For example, small business owners who found success with our dealership program were already owners of a business, such as: retail shop; restaurant; health food store; convenience store; pet shop; beauty or nail salon; air duct cleaning business; air conditioner/heater sales and repair; carpet cleaning business, etc. Health and other professionals who manage a business or run their own practice, include chiropractors; acupuncturists; acupressurists; massage therapists; gym and health club managers; personal trainers; allergists; doctors specializing in both traditional and alternative fields; real estate agents, and the list goes on!

This is just a small sample, and if you fall into any of these fields, your chances of success are already quite high! If however, you're starting from scratch or you're in between jobs, and you're not a professional or a business owner, you can still succeed with this business venture. As long as you love our products and have a WINNER attitude and mindset, your chances are just the same. With only a little bit of effort and big passion for our products anybody can truly succeed as a dealer with our company!

How do I distribute Alpine Air Living products?

If you wish to advertise, that's fine, but word of mouth with product demonstrations works best! And if you're a business owner or a professional, your daily contact with customers makes this easier than ever! You actually don't have to go out and look for customers. Your customers are already coming to you! Every person you meet is a potential customer, and if you consider statistics that over 80% of the population suffers from some kind of an upper respiratory condition (such as allergies, etc.), and ALL of us are exposed to indoor air pollution daily, talking to customers becomes a breeze. In fact, your existing customers will usually start a conversation by seeing the air purifier in your office or place of business and noticing that clean fresh smelling air! But even if you start the conversation, how difficult will it be to recommend to your customers, clients, patients, neighbors, co-workers, family members, church members, club members, etc. to breathe clean pollution-free mountain fresh air at home as part of their overall health regimen, or to solve a certain problem?

You see, our products sell themselves! You don't have to be a salesman or saleswoman. Just the opposite... Don't sell because you have to; instead, share because you care! Simply share your personal story on how the alpine air living purifier has helped you or your family, or helped solve a problem in your home or office, and you have just sold the product without doing any selling whatsoever. It's that easy! And remember, dealer training and support is provided once you become a dealer.

How do I sign up?

You can quickly sign-up and activate your dealership today in just 2 easy steps:

  1. Sign-up as a dealer FREE. First, review the Dealer agreement for important terms and conditions of our program. Then fill out and submit the online application form found below.
  2. Place first (qualifying) order. Once you submit the online application and it has been pre-approved, you will be transferred to the Welcome letter/Dealer Order Form online, which you can download/save to your computer or print it out. Link to this same form will also be emailed to you separately, if your application is pre-approved, after submission. Dealer Order Form lists all products available for distribution with wholesale discount included, and applicable instructions to place the first (qualifying) order and all future orders thereafter. Simply purchase a total of 3 units of your choice from the list (at your low wholesale prices) - your first qualifying order - to instantly activate your dealership! One of these alpine air living purifiers you can keep for yourself, and the other two we recommend using as demo models in your customers' homes or your place of business, or you can immediately resell these if you wish. All future orders you place could be in any quantity (just 1 air purifier at a time or more), and could be sent to you or drop-shipped directly to your customers. After the first qualifying order has been placed, you are not required to purchase more products to maintain active dealership status for the year, even though you will naturally purchase more as you develop your business.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Representing our company and distributing our products is a privilege! While we want to work with everyone, it is not possible, nor feasible. For this reason, we're only looking for serious entrepreneurs and/or business minded individuals preferably with an established company and/or necessary in-field business experience, who have what it takes to succeed! Please fill out dealer application below to see if you qualify to be part of our team. Your application will be reviewed and if approved you will be given instant access to activate your Dealership, as described above. We reserve the right to approve or decline any dealer application and for any reason, should we determine the application may not be a good match for our program. Application is FREE to submit, and there is no processing fee! If you have what it takes to succeed and you think you will be a great match for our company, then we want you as our dealer, in which case, please fill out and submit the application below to begin your new, exciting and rewarding business venture with us.

Please provide as much information as possible for our consideration, and also fill out this application accurately and truthfully, since you maybe asked to verify submitted information after approval! Thank you...

If you experience any problems signing up, or have any questions about our powerful Dealership Program, please e-mail us from the support section of our web site.